The Culture of Mini Crafts

With a striking shift of scale, the tiniest crafts can capture the grandest stories. 
Through their immaculate attention to detail and lifelike miniature representations of the real world, the artists of Small Scale, Big World challenge our consumerist mentality of β€œbigger is always better.” From everyday housewares like a thumb-sized rice cooker, to entire multi-story buildings and cliffside landscapes, these exquisite miniature recreations inspire us to perceive our surroundings in brand new ways. Discover the fascinating art of miniatures with original projects and artist exclusive articles, and transport yourself into realms where magnificence lies within the minutiae.

190 mm Γ— 250 mm, 224 pages
Hardcover, English. Sandu 2020
ISBN:Β 9789887947578Β (Chinese market) Β Click the ISBN to purchase
ISBN:Β 9783943330212Β (Overseas markets) Β Click the ISBN to purchase