Small is beautiful, Miniature Art”
Collective exhibition, 79-85 Old Brompton Road in the district of South Kensington, London 2022

Having lived in the Parisian suburbs and become familiar with them, the artist Simon Laveuve developed a passion early in life for visible modes of expression, with their ability to reflect intrepid explorations of an environment that may so easily become hostile.

The artist imagines ‘post-apocalyptic refuges,’ unique lifelines and sanctuaries of survival in a world of noise and chaos. He takes a special interest in the architecture of cities, their spatial power, and the individuals who inhabit them, go into hiding in them, or commit themselves to them.

In a boundless poetry of lines, words and silences, Simon Laveuve expresses the erring ways of our time. Sharpening his gaze, he seeks out the unusual and incongruous, drawing his inspiration there.